Sydney Naturopath practice based in Hurstville.

Feel better, live longer with natural health solutions for the entire family.

I have now retired and the clinic is now permanently closed.

For the future I can recommend the following people:

  • I can highly recommend naturopath Melanie Olde, located at 12 The Avenue, Hurstville (opposite Westfield Shopping Centre), telephone 9579 2480.  Melanie has experience in  treating most conditions, especially those related to stress, immune function, digestion, preconception, children, and many others.  She does not do massage therapy.  Link to her website
  • Sue Kelly is an experienced naturopath, beauty therapist and massage therapist located at Kogarah Bay.  Her contact is 9546 2549
  • Sharon Hespe is a naturopath in hurstville specialising in digestive problems and food sensitivities. Web:  Contact 0438 879 996
  • Osteopath Anthony Sebelic at 96 Queens Road Hurstville is the person I go to for massage therapy.  Contact 9580 4137
  • If you need information on the Ultra Lite weight management program, go to the Ultra Lite website and go to the “How to find a practitioner” link.
  • You can continue to contact me on 9580 6708 for a few months, then I will disconnect that number.



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