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I have now retired and the clinic is now permanently closed.

For the future I can recommend the following people:

  • I can highly recommend naturopath Melanie Olde, located at 12 The Avenue, Hurstville (opposite Westfield Shopping Centre), telephone 9579 2480.  Melanie has experience in  treating most conditions, especially those related to stress, immune function, digestion, preconception, children, and many others.  She does not do massage therapy.  Link to her website
  • Sue Kelly is an experienced naturopath, beauty therapist and massage therapist located at Kogarah Bay.  Her contact is 9546 2549
  • Osteopath Anthony Sebelic at 96 Queens Road Hurstville is the person I go to for massage therapy.  Contact 9580 4137
  • If you need information on the Ultra Lite weight management program, go to the Ultra Lite website and go to the “How to find a practitioner” link.
  • You can continue to contact me on 9580 6708 for a few months, then I will disconnect that number.

A scientific approach

Before attending your first appointment, please fill out this comprehensive questionnaire, and return to me by email or fax. This will give me the necessary background information about your health. Combining in-depth consultations and a number of scientifically validated tests, I will be able to individualise your treatment to your best advantage.



Do you want to lose weight?

Have you tried everything to reduce weight without success? Food and exercise is not always the whole answer. I will help you to discover any hidden health issues that are making it impossible for you to reduce weight.

Ladies, if your waist measurement is over 80 cm and men if your waist is over 94 cm, you could be on the way to developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. At St George Naturopathic Clinic I specialise in weight loss and more importantly maintaining your new healthy weight. Call now for a FREE assessment and introduction to how I can help you reduce weight.


DNA screening now available

This is a laboratory test for over 70 genes.  Genetic profiling by Smart DNA is an ideal basis for genetic wellness. The genes tested are in the areas that diet, lifestyle and prescribed supplements can make a difference.

Genetic testing gives profiles on the following:  Lipids, Blood pressure, Liver detox, Oxidative stress, Homocysteine, Inflammation, Osteoporosis, Lactose, Diabetes, and Metal binding.

At last genetic testing has become affordable.

  • Find out more about how DNA profiling can be used to create a personalised genetic wellness program click here »

Do you have any digestive discomfort?

Are you suffering from digestive discomfort, bloating, constipation or heart burn? If allowed to continue, these early signs of digestive imbalance could progress to more serious conditions.

Did you know that digestive health is linked to allergy, auto-immune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, and even the incidence of colds and flu?

  • Learn more about the many digestive problems that can be helped with natural treatments click here »

Heart health

Cardiovascular disease is the most preventable of all conditions. We all know that maintaining good weight, good diet and some exercise are essential for heart health, but why do so many people still die from heart disease? Find out how you can minimise the risk developing heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure.



Why suffer with the fatigue and misery that comes with allergy? Allergy is closely linked to many conditions including hayfever, asthma, skin conditions, headache, indigestion, poor concentration, bloating, sleep disorders generally feeling unwell.


Reproductive health, pregnancy & pre-conception care

Are you suffering the effects of hormone imbalance with conditons like PMS, Endometriosis, PCOS, and difficulty with menopause?  Naturopathy can help.

Good eating and the right supplements can not only make pregnancy easier, but can reduce the risk of your child developing allergies later in life and can even have an effect on the IQ of your child.

  • Learn how Naturopathy can help resolve Reproductive Health issues here »

Is the pressure of life getting you down?

If you are having difficulty reducing weight. If you have digestive problems. If you have high blood pressure, allergies, or if you are pregnant, STRESS can have a major impact on your condition.

Stress, anxiety and mood disorders are often the first thing that needs to be treated before starting on other health treatment plans.

  • If you sometimes feel the effects of stress, learn more click here »

Massage therapy

If you have muscular pain, if you are a sports person, if you are stressed, a remedial massage could be just what you need.  I have been qualified in massage therapy since 1989.


Keeping well for life

Naturopathy is not just about treating your current conditions.  Once you are feeling better, you need to know how to keep well for the rest of  your life.  I have a Life Wellness program to keep feeling great.   Most people begin to feel the effects of ageing at about 40 years of age and then health continues to decline.  Ideally, we should be energetic and well right up to close to the end of our life.  Why suffer from poor health for the last 30 years of your life if there is a simple alternative to keep you feeling energetic and healthy?

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